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Diamond Wire Drawing Dies

Serving customers as its tenet,and the success of customers is our driving force.


Quality control system to ensure that each mold can produce smooth,round and uniform wire.

Corporate Culture

Corporate Culture

People-oriented,integrity,efficient and pragmatic,unity and innovation,excellence.

Business Policy

Business Policy

Market first,customer first,quality prosper enterprise,benefit sharing.

Corporate Mission

Corporate Mission

It is our responsibility to meet the deep needs of customers and provide customized solutions.

Enterprise Spirit

Enterprise Spirit

Based on honesty,win the first chance,be brave in innovation,and achieve the dream.


Strengthen the quality policy of


Zhengzhou IW Diamond Co.,Ltd.

Zhengzhou IW Diamond Co.,Ltd.(IW for short) is a global service provider focusing on the tools manufacturing of wire rod industry,specializing in the production,research and development and sales of diamond wire drawing dies,providing die services such as drawing,extrusion,strand...



Create excellent corporate culture,establish a good corporate image,better serve our customers!

IW core technology helps China's wire industry take off

IW core technology helps China's w

IW is committed to becoming the most valuable diamond wire drawing die core technology provider, helping China's high-end wire industry to t

Use good-quality wire drawing dies have any effect

Use good-quality wire drawing dies

Diamond Wire Drawing Dies is a very important mold.

Effective maintenance and repair of wire drawing die is very important

Effective maintenance and repair o

The effective maintenance and repair of drawing die is very important to reduce the cost.


Mutual benefit and common development

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